Injustice 2 Has Deluxe & Ultimate Editions


How much cash are you willing to cough up for extra characters and other DLC for Injustice 2?

Injustice 2 is coming our way May 16th. But as with 99% of video games these days, there won’t just be one edition coming out. While there doesn’t seem to be a season pass, there are two editions of the game aside from the standard one that have extra content. They of course will cost you some extra however.

First, there’s the “Digital Deluxe” version. As you may have guessed, this version is only available through digital storefronts that you’d find on the PS4 & Xbox One. The Digital Deluxe version will give you 3 as of yet unnamed DLC characters, an exclusive defender shader, and  a “premier” skin that can change Super Girl into Power Girl. Why is it a “premier” skin? Well it doesn’t just change the appearance of a character, it will also add different dialogue and a different voice. That’s actually pretty cool. This will run you $70.

Then there’s the “Ultimate Edition”, which will be available at retail locations. This version comes with 9 extra fighters, a defender and destroyer shader pack, and three premier skins. The Supergirl/Power Girl one already mentioned, a Green Lantern one that turns Hal Jordan into John Stewart and one for The Flash that hasn’t been revealed but most-likely turns him into Reverse Flash. Being an “Ultimate Edition” it’s probably not surprising that this version of Injustice 2 is $100.

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If the price of these is making your wallet hurt, you can of course just get the standard edition. But if you plan of buying all the DLC characters anyways (which I’m sure will be available piecemeal), you’d almost definitely be saving money. Of course the best way to save money and get all the dlc like with most games is to wait for the GOTY edition that will probably be out in a year. Injustice 2 releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android May 16th.

h/t VG 24/7