Powerless Is In Its Own Universe


Powerless is set on “Earth-P” and not really connected to any other movies or TV shows

Crossovers seem to be the things comic book fans want most out of their TV shows and movies. You can actually probably blame Marvel for this. They claimed everything would be connected, and do it in the most tenuous of ways with their movies & TV shows. Over at CW, they are crossover crazy, but all the shows are on their network, so that’s easy. So where does NBC’s new DC comedy Powerless connect to the rest of the DC Universe? Not surprisingly, it’s basically in it’s own.

Powerless is set in “Earth-P”, which just basically means that events in films like Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad didn’t happen. Though that won’t really prevent the show from poking fun at those poorly received films, as Executive Producer Justin Halpern explains:

"We have a joke in the pilot where we poke fun at the Batman v Superman film. It’s always going up to [the DC Comics brass] and being like, ‘Hey, can we s—t on this?’ and usually they have a good sense of humor about it."

Check out the full trailer for Powerless below:

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Again, this is one of those things that seems super dumb to me. So the show isn’t really connected to any other movies or TV shows. That should mean they have the right to use pretty much any characters they want, as they would be different versions. I mean, that should be the logical conclusion right? Supposedly that’s what held up Superman on Supergirl for the first season and why you don’t see Batman and the Suicide Squad never appeared on Arrow after awhile. Because “movies” even though those are supposed to be their own thing.

I think it’s great that the show is drawing deeper into DC’s roster for lesser known heroes and villains, it’s just dumb that they are basically doing it because some executives don’t want certain characters on TV because they are in movies or whatever ridiculous thing reason are throwing out there. Powerless debuts February 2nd on NBC.

h/t TV Line