Gotham: Selina Will Have To Change To Be Catwoman


Camren Bicondova explains that Selina will have to believe in herself more to become Catwoman

Gotham more than anything else is definitely a show about characters fulfilling their iconic destinies. Bruce Wayne is well on his way to becoming Batman. Oswald Cobblepot is pretty much Penguin at this point, Edward Nygma will be the Riddler by season’s end. And Selina Kyle is on the road to becoming Catwoman.

Gotham’s Camren Bicondova talked about what changes Selina needs to make and how she will grow closer to being Catwoman in the near future on the show:

"Catwoman actually believes everything she says and thinks, whereas Selina over the past two seasons has been kind of saying things to make herself feel better, so that would be the one thing that she’s going to be changing.Especially after this next episode airs, Episode 13; I think she’s actually going to believe in herself and she’s actually going to believe that she’s a strong independent person. I think she’s always said that to make herself feel better and make it easier for her to live and survive, but after instances that are going to be occurring in her life soon, I think they’re actually going to force her to actually believe that she is this strong independent young lady instead of just telling herself that. I think that’s one step she’s going to be taking to becoming Catwoman."

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It sounds like Selina will actually come out of the whole ordeal with her previously absent mother a much stronger, more confident person. Of course, to be a strong independent person, that probably doesn’t mesh well with having a billionaire boyfriend. One of many hurdles Selina and Bruce will face. Find out when an all new episode of Gotham airs this Monday on Fox!

h/t Cinemablend