Arrow: Talia Al Ghul Will Differ From Nyssa


Talia Al Ghul won’t be the same as her sister Nyssa when she comes to Arrow

Arrow, the most Batman show on TV, is bringing another of Batman’s most well-known characters into season 5 when Talia Al Ghul enters the picture. She’s deeply tied to both Oliver’s past and his most current antagonist, Prometheus.

We have already met Nyssa Al Ghul on Arrow, who is actually the far less well known of the two sisters. It was reasoned that this was because WB possibly had big movie plans for Talia and didn’t want her on the show, but that’s obviously either changed or never was the came to begin with. And while Talia is an Al Ghul like Nyssa, don’t look for her to basically be the same as Nyssa. as executive producer Marc Guggenheim explains:

"She’s definitely her own person; she’s not a Nyssa clone, by any stretch. You can definitely sense a familial resemblance. Having Ra’s al Ghul as your dad, it’s likely to forge a very specific kind of person. They’re close enough and different enough that I would love, at some point, to do a story with Nyssa and Talia. We’ll also be dealing very directly with the fairly obvious question, which is: Wait a second, when Oliver met Ra’s al Ghul, why didn’t he say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, I think I met your daughter back in Russia!’ “We have a very specific answer for that."

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It would be nice if they threw at least a couple Batman references out there. Just like Talia saying Oliver reminds her of another do-gooder billionaire with a savior complex or something. Arrow returns next week and Talia Al Ghul will pop up in that episode in a flashback, with a recurring role throughout season 5. I kinda hope Arrow keeps stealing Batman characters because every time they do it becomes more and more ridiculous that Batman doesn’t exist in the CW universe and hopefully he’ll make an appearance…

h/t EW