Justice League Dark: Batman Visits Zatanna


Batman visits Zatanna in this all new clip from Justice League Dark

Batman may be the biggest skeptic of magic in the DC animated movie universe, but after getting weird messages clearly telling him to seek out John Constantine even he has to suspect something supernatural might be afoot. So in this new clip from Justice League Dark, Batman visits an old friend, Zatanna.

Zatanna is well-versed in the arts of real magic, but mostly uses it for parlor tricks in front of large circus crowds. She also has history with Constantine, which is why Batman has sought her out. Zatanna is reluctant to even get involved at first, but Deadman possesses Batman in order to try and convince her otherwise, check out the clip from Justice League Dark below:

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So again, this makes the very first clip we saw, where Batman was super dismissive of even the possibility of a paranormal threat, make little to no sense. Batman fights enemies based in magic all the time. He fights alongside heroes with magic-based powers, such as Shazam. This clip right here establishes he already knew who John Constantine was. That he has a long history with Zatanna. So why, off all the Justice League members, is he the most skeptical about the supernatural? I mean it would actually make more sense if he was the Mulder and other members of the League were the Scullys. Although that still wouldn’t make any sense because they just fought Trigon, an actual goddamn demon king along with the Teen Titans in the last movie and these movies are all supposed to be connected.

I hope they have a good explanation for this or it’s an obvious glaring plot hole for a movie that isn’t even out yet. Justice League Dark is out January 24th on digital HD & February 7th on Blu-Ray & DVD.