Agents Of SHIELD Season 4, Episode 11 Synopsis: “Wake Up”


This week on Agents of SHIELD, May’s secret has deadly consequences for the team.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD still has quite a few surprises under its belt. As proven by last week’s “The Patriot,” our Director Mace has been living a lie all this time. Yep, the guy wasn’t Inhuman at all. Hey, his heart was in the right place, but there could’ve been better ways of helping SHIELD out.

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SHIELD was now back on its feet, and Mace was giving all the limelight to Daisy—revealed to the world as a hero and someone under deep cover. Soon, an attempt on Mace’s life puts everyone on edge. Those dastardly Watchdogs. They always have to be the party-poopers.

Coulson, Mace, and Burrows—Mace’s most trusted assistant who always has a suitcase handcuffed to his wrist (think of POTUS’s nuclear football)—quickly boarded a Quinjet to escape to safety. But they’re shot down with the added problem of having to evade a band of attacking Watchdogs.

It’s soon revealed why the suitcase is so valuable. It contains the injections that make Mace—who has no abilities at all—appear to be an Inhuman with super-strength. Talbot approached him with a chance to make a difference. Mace wanted the Inhumans to have the same rights as humans, so he saw this as the perfect opportunity to fight for equality. Like I said, his heart was in the right place, but the execution could’ve used a bit of fine tweaking.

In the end, the team survived the Watchdogs, and Mace voluntarily resigned his position. However, Coulson was impressed by Mace’s navigation of politics and bravery. The deal is for Mace to stay on board, but Coulson will be one running the operations. Sounds like the perfect partnership to me.

Meanwhile, in Aidaland, the formidable android had Agent May sedated. However, May quickly breaks free from her dream state. Radcliffe came to the conclusion that the serene world they created went against May’s true self—a soldier. So they create another world with conflicts. This should keep May in a sound slumber until the fake May completes Aida’s plan.

This week, we’ll see what Aida has in store for humanity. Here’s the official synopsis:

“Wake Up”

"AGENT MAY’S SECRET WILL DESTROY THE TEAM – May races to find the truth about what happened to her, while Aida’s next move could mean the death of them all."

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