Check Out The Opening Of Justice League Dark!


See the first few minutes of Justice League Dark!

Justice League Dark is out today on Digital HD. We won’t be seeing it today, that’ll have to wait for a few weeks when it’s out on physical formats and can be rented. But if you were on the fence about buying the movie outright today, maybe the first 6 minutes or so can convince you…

This clip is the opening minutes of Justice League Dark, which sets up the premise. If you’ve been keeping up with the various clips released, you already know what it is. People are going crazy all over the world, seeing other regular people as demons and usually trying to kill them in the process. We see examples of it in Metropolis, Gotham and Washington D.C. In each of those instances, a member of the Justice League (Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman) was around to stop or at least minimize the potential damage. I wouldn’t want to think about what is happening in the many cities that don’t have at least one superhero just waiting around for something to happen.

The League meets to try and determine the cause behind these occurrences and plot a course of action. Check out the clip below:

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So we’ve seen a good portion of this opening in the clips already put out there, and it does one thing very definitely, and that makes Batman look like a goddamn idiot.  Despite having dealt with magic numerous times by this point in this continuity of movies, he instantly rules it out as an option. We had seen a clip of this, and hoped there was some explanation, but there really isn’t. I hope the rest of the movie isn’t such a mess. You can find out for yourself by buying Justice League Dark on Digital HD today or waiting til February 7th when you can get it on Blu-Ray and DVD/rent it.