Injustice 2 Beta Info & New Footage!


The Injustice 2 beta starts today!

People from NetheRealm Studios held the first of what will apparently be many live streams about Injustice 2 earlier today. The most important news to come out of the stream was about the beta. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for the beta here. The beta actually starts today and will have 4 characters. Which characters weren’t mentioned but assuming you get into the beta you’ll find out soon enough. You may have already gotten an invite in your email, so be sure to check it. If you haven’t gotten one, have patience, the invites are said to be coming out in waves so you might get one at any time (furiously keeps refreshing email…).

Most of the other stuff about Injustice 2 on the stream was pretty broad. Ed Boon was there for the first segment, and claimed that the game would not be “pay to win”, where someone would be able to gain an unfair advantage just because they happened to drop a large amount of money on the game. We’ll see if that holds true when the game actually comes out.

Boon also said the game would have the largest roster and DLC characters of any game the studio has made to date. If you are thinking of the older Mortal Kombat games, NetherRealm Studios only dates back to 2010, so it won’t get that massive, but it’ll still be pretty big.

Boon also noted that returning characters would have refreshed move sets and new super moves. There was no new characters revealed, but we did get to see the first footage of Robin (a grown-up Damian Wayne) in action. You can check that and several other videos below:

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A little disappointing that no new characters are revealed, but apparently there are lots of streams planned over the next several months so hopefully we’ll get steady drips of info up to the game’s release. Injustice 2 is due out May 16th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & mobile platforms.