Batman Is Worth More Than Superman


The Batman suit from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns fetched over 41,000 at auction

Two of the most iconic characters of the world. Two of the most iconic interpretations of the roles. Batman & Superman. I think many would still say Michael Keaton’s Batman is their favorite. And there’s virtually no argument about Christopher Reeve’s portrayal definitive as the Man of Steel.

But who would fetch more at an auction? Both characters are pretty well-loved across the world, and I’m pretty sure just about any film/comic nerd with a ton of disposable cash would pay top dollar for actual suits from these iconic films.

The bidding for the Batsuit started at $33,000. It ended up with a pretty respectable $41,250. I think that’s a price Bruce Wayne would be fairly pleased with. But what about the Christopher Reeve Superman suit? Well, it started a little higher at $40,000, but if Batman can hit over $40,000, surely Superman can too, right? I mean they both have huge fanbases, some of which probably have that much spare money lying around.

Well, apparently not. The Superman suit Christopher Reeve wore in the original Superman: The Movie failed to get the minimum bid of $40,000. So as of now, it remains unsold while somebody got the Batman suit for just over $1,000 more. Cue sad Superman getting drunk at a bar….

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Well, odds are they will put the Superman suit back on auction at some point, and probably just go with a significantly lower starting bid. Who knows, maybe by starting at a lower price, the bidding will get a little frenzied and you’ll actually end up with more than $40,000. But for now, people seem to be willing to pay a hell of a lot more for a Batsuit than a Superman one…

h/t The New York Post