Batman/The Shadow Team Up This April!


Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men? Batman/The Shadow will find out in April!

A superhero who uses little more than his mind and the art of staying in the shadows to thwart villains? That might sound like Batman to most. But there was another hero before the Caped Crusader, one who is cited as one of the Dark Knight’s major influences. That’s The Shadow, and this April, Batman and the Shadow will team up in the creatively named Batman/Shadow in a six issue miniseries.

Batman/The Shadow will be written by Scott Snyder & Steve Orlando with art by Riley Rossmo. The basic storyline is that some Gothamite has been murdered and all evidence points to Lamonte Cranston. There’s just a couple of issues with that. Lamonte Cranston is The Shadow (though Batman doesn’t know that at the start at least), and Lamonte Cranston also appears to have died over half a century ago.

Steve Orlando had this to say about the team-up of the Dark Knight and one of his main inspirations:

"To bring together the World’s Greatest Detective and the World’s Greatest Mystery is an honor. Batman/The Shadow will pay tribute to legacies in comics and pulp fiction, as the two characters meet in a generations-deep conflict unlike any they’ve seen before, with a case that stretches back to the origins of time and which will redefine murder."

And you can take a look at Rossmo’s line-work for the series below with a few samples:

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Just judging from the pics, it seems like Batman & The Shadow will have a confrontation, and at least the Joker is involved from all that crazy laughter. Is one of The Shadow’s enemies involved as well? Find out when Batman/The Shadow begins this April. And remember, The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay… The Shadow knows!

h/t The Hollywood Reporter