Gotham: Cameron Monaghan Talks Jerome’s Return


Jerome makes his full return tonight on Gotham!

We are only a short time away from the winter finale of Gotham on Fox. And Jerome Valeska, recently returned from the dead (that seems to be a thing in that city with bad guys these days), has thrown the city into complete chaos. Not only has he taken out the power plant, plunging the whole of Gotham into complete darkness, but he’s actively encouraged every citizen to commit whatever dark impulses they feel, and plenty are taking him up on the offer.

Jerome has changed a bit from the aspiring serial killer he was before his death. He has his own cult now, and he even sounds a bit different. In this video below, Cameron Monaghan, who plays Jerome on the show, talks about getting interested in the character when reading for the part for season one. How Mark Hamill’s thoughts on how the Joker can have a lot of different laughs influenced his own, and what changes Jerome has gone through with his death and resurrection. Check it out below:

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And somehow, this leads to a big showdown between Jerome and Bruce Wayne in tonight’s episode. We know Jerome isn’t going anywhere, he’s still planned to be a big part of season 4 . This is assuming season 4 happens as Gotham hasn’t officially been renewed yet, but it seems pretty likely as of now. This might be the last we see of Jerome for awhile however, and not just because Gotham is going on a pretty lengthy hiatus after tonight’s episode. Tonight is bound to be a defining moment for the destiny of both Jerome and Bruce Wayne so be sure to catch tonight’s episode of Gotham “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” on Fox!