The Flash Season 3, Episode 11 Recap: “Dead Or Alive”


A new inter-dimensional visitor named Gypsy has come for H.R. Wells, and she shares similar powers to The Flash’s Cisco Ramon, a.k.a. Vibe.

“Dead or Alive” begins on a lighter note, as The Flash and Kid Flash rescue a bus full of cheerleaders from the Electric Gang. Kid Flash even gets to pose for some pictures. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow begin mapping out the future using a LEGO set. If they can visualize the events surrounding Iris West’s death at the hands of Savitar, the better they can stop it from happening.

New #TeamFlash member Julian Albert has to be a party pooper and remind everyone that it’s impossible for Barry Allen to save Iris at his current speed. Meanwhile, we catch H.R. Wells reciting another story into his recorder.

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The same mystery woman from last week’s “Borrowing Problems From The Future” appears and she’s hunting for H.R. We even see her display her powers, which consist of shooting energy blasts from her hands and create wormholes. All things that Cisco can do. Hmmmmm.

Joe West is starting to become suspicious that something is up with Barry and Iris. He’s getting a feeling that they’re hiding something.

The mystery woman shows up to S.T.A.R. Labs’ front door to introduce herself. Her name is Gypsy and H.R. describes her as a collector from his home, Earth-19. Inter-dimensional travel is banned and H.R. has broken the law. Gypsy gives him one hour to get his affairs in order, but not before disposing of Cisco and Wally West.

Iris has taken it upon herself to investigate the arms dealers who provided the Electric Gang with their gear. Barry would like Iris to not put herself in unnecessary harm, but she has her sights set on recreating the Iris and Wally crime-fighting duo from Flashpoint.

We find out that H.R. came to our Earth to rewrite his story so he’s not a fraud. It’s pretty admirable of him, especially knowing he’s risking his life and doesn’t really need to. Before Gypsy can take H.R., Cisco challenges her to trial by combat. Except Cisco isn’t aware that trial by combat is to the death. Luckily there’s a 24 hour grace period for him to train.

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#TeamFlash doesn’t have much faith that Cisco can win. He also answers the question of why he’s risking his life for H.R. when the two haven’t had the best relationship. Cisco wants to help H.R. because they depended on the original Harrison Wells, but H.R. depends on them.

The Flash and H.R. get the bright idea to get the drop on Gypsy before her battle with Cisco. This goes horribly wrong and ends with Gypsy keeping H.R. until trial by combat.

After a tense confrontation with the arms dealers, Iris admits to Barry that she doesn’t want to die like her mom, without leaving a mark on the world. Knowing when she’s supposed to die is giving Iris some extra confidence. She’s not afraid when a gang member holds a gun to her head.

So it’s time to fight! Cisco a.k.a. Vibe versus Gypsy. The fight takes us to Earth-2 and Supergirl’s Earth as Vibe and Gypsy open portal after portal. Gypsy reveals that hers and Cisco’s frequencies are the same. She can feel how powerful he is, but Cisco holds back because of fear. This is enough for Cisco to finally let loose and defeat Gypsy.

Gypsy agrees to go back to Earth-19 without H.R. She’s going to tell her superiors that she killed H.R., which means he can never return to Earth-19. Just when it looks like Cisco’s constant flirting with Gypsy will pay off with a kiss, she teleports away to make the perfect exit.

We end with a discussion between Cisco and H.R. where they possibly foreshadow H.R. saving Cisco in the future, and Barry realizing that Wally will be the one who saves Iris from Savitar.

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I loved watching Cisco take center stage and interact with Gypsy. There is so much more to learn about Gypsy as a character, like what is her life like on Earth-19. I hope she guest stars again in the future.

Closing Thought

Can The Flash train up Kid Flash enough where the student becomes the teacher? The result may determine Iris’ fate.