Gotham: Who Is The Newly Introduced Mysterious Uncle Frank?


We explore Gotham’s newest mystery man—Jim’s Uncle Frank.

Gotham‘s second mid-season finale episode—“Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies“—introduced us to Jim’s Uncle Frank (played by James Remar). We never knew Jim had an uncle, let alone one who was in the Court of Owls.

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At the start of the episode, chaos was engulfing Gotham City. Katherine—a high-ranking member of the Court—contemplated taking control of the situation before it was too late. A mysterious man (the same man in the shadows seen talking to Katherine at the end of “Mad City: Red Queen“) talked her out of it, putting his faith in Jim.

As Jim arrested Jerome and brought his reign of terror to an end, Katherine enacted her backup plan—using the doppelganger Bruce to ensure order. However, the mystery man talked about convincing someone to be on their side.

As Jim was about to retire after a day of hard work, he hears a knock at the door. Jim, surprised, greets the mystery man as his Uncle Frank. Who is this man? And how has he affected Jim’s life? A November 2016 article from Deadline may shed some light on those questions:

"Frank Gordon is a master at playing both sides and a man who knows how to keep a secret. Frank abandoned the family after Jim’s father’s fatal car crash and now, 25 years later, he’s returned to reconnect with his estranged nephew. But Frank harbors a dark secret, one that will upset the very foundations of Jim’s world and force him into a terrible choice between saving his family and saving his city."

So Frank doesn’t seem to be all that bad if he has a dilemma in choosing between his family and the city. However, he did mysteriously disappear right after Jim’s father, Peter, died. Could Frank have been under orders from the Court to assassinate his own brother? That seems like a dark enough secret to me.

Another question would be Frank’s profession. Is he also in law enforcement like Jim and Peter? Frank must be in some position of power or influence if the Court has him as a member. Everything that shadowy organization does contains some type of strategic angle. And what is Jim’s involvement? Gotham City’s been under siege before. Why is Frank visiting Jim now?

Gotham really left us on a cliffhanger here. Audiences will need to wait until April for the answers. Until that time, let us know your thoughts about Frank’s agenda and what the Court of Owls has planned.

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