Legends Of Tomorrow: Rip Hunter Kills Plans For The United States


The final scene of Legends of Tomorrow’s “The Legion of Doom” episode saw Rip Hunter assassinate United States founding father George Washington. How does this fit into the Legion of Doom’s plans?

This week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s “The Legion of Doom” episode, Rip Hunter finally regained his memories. Yep, our favorite Englishman is back—but he’s a bit different. He now works for the Legion of Doom (Eobard Thawne, Malcolm Merlyn, and Damien Darhk).

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After all attempts at extracting information from Rip fails, Damien opts to extract Rip’s molar, revealing an account number for a deposit box in 2025 Switzerland. And so, the Legion of Doom heads over there and, after some back-and-forth bickering, find the important item.

It turns out that it’s not the Spear of Destiny or anything related to it—it’s Rip’s old self. Or, to be more exact, a mnemonic device housing Rip’s old memories. Eobard takes the device, but instead of immediately reinserting the memories back into Rip, he does some dastardly tweaking.

We next see Rip (back to his old English self … sort of) dressed as a Continental Army soldier in 1776 New Jersey where he makes his way into a tent. Who else is in there but United States founding father General George Washington. Coldly and nonchalantly, Rip executes him with a modern day pistol.

Aside from wanting to know how Rip will become good again, the big-picture question is “How does killing George Washington, which probably prevents the formation of the United States, play into the Legion of Doom’s plans?”

Knowing that all three baddies—Eobard, Merlyn, and Damien—are American themselves, wouldn’t this drastically change their history? They may even prevent themselves from existing. I’m imagining a hilarious scenario where the second Washington falls dead, we see Eobard, Merlyn, and Damien break out in British accents.

What could they be up to? Could the three want to mold the fledgling United States in their image. Hence, in the future, become the rulers of the most powerful nation on the planet? Or is it much simpler than that. Could Washington and his troops be standing in the way of their acquisition of the Spear of Destiny?

Whatever their ultimate plan is, I’m sure audiences are itching to get Rip back—in his full Time Master capacity. Hopefully, in the next couple of episodes, the Legends will find a way to undo the damage done by Eobard.

Do you have a theory as to why George Washington was assassinated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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