DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 11 Recap: “Turncoat”


This week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, an aberration leads the team to learn that Rip has assassinated George Washington—putting the existence of the United States at risk.

This week’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had a great main narrative and drive, but a strange romantic side story downgraded what could’ve been one of the best episodes to-date.

Legendary Recap

It’s Christmas Day in 1776 New Jersey and Rip Hunter has just assassinated George Washington. He’s now leading the British Redcoats and quickly upgrades their weaponry to automatic rifles. Eobard is impressed, but Rip surprises his new buddy even more—he will kill the Legends without batting an eye.

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Sara and Jax are getting frustrated with Gideon’s slow progress in locating Rip. Ray reveals to Mick his latest personal project in finding a rat that stowed away on one of their trips. Nate and Amaya are making breakfast and the small sparks of love can already be seen.

When a time quake hits them, the team is alerted to the latest aberration—the United States doesn’t exist anymore because George Washington has been killed. The team plans a mission to save the founding father.

The Legends arrive at a Christmas Party hosted by William Keith. Sara accidentally runs into Washington and immediately tries to get him to leave. It’s too late, as the British storm in shooting. The team ends up forcing Washington out the home to save him.

Outside, Rip activates an EMP and knocks out the Waverider’s power. Ray’s suit is affected, causing him to remain in his miniaturized state with no other abilities.

When the team runs into Rip, he coldly shoots Sara and has his men abduct Washington. Sara is rushed into the Waverider’s infirmary. With Gideon offline, Jax and Martin attempt to merge into Firestorm to jumpstart the ship. However, the EMP also affected them. Before Sara passes out, she promotes Jax to acting captain. Jax’s first orders are to have Nate and Amaya rescue Washington from Rip and the British.

On their way to a British camp, Mick creates a plan to escape. Washington, on the other hand, thinks it goes against the rules of war.

Nate and Amaya, out searching for Washington, have an impromptu discussion on modern dating. Amaya recollects a date where she went to see The Wizard of Oz, but was called away by the JSA when the Nazi’s invaded Poland.

Ray reviews plans to manually repair the Waverider. Martin has an even bigger task at hand—they will need to remove the bullet from Sara without Gideon’s help. Outside, Rip and his soldiers start their breach.

Amaya and Nate are quickly ambushed by two axe-wielding Hessian. Nate fights one of them, but is thrown into the freezing river below. Amaya dives after him and uses her totem to draw the abilities of a seal.

Amaya successfully rescues Nate, but he’s suffering from hypothermia. They seek shelter at the Hessian’s abandoned campsite and she uses her body to warm his.

Martin starts his surgery to save Sara’s life. When Rip and his soldiers successfully break in, they set off Jax’s traps. Rip searches the study and quickly finds Jax, who makes a run for it.

Mick and Washington are taken to General Conwallis, who will hang them at dawn for treason. However, Washington is able to negotiate with Cornwallis and save Mick from his execution.

Nate, recovered from his hypothermia, shares a moment with Amaya—and they kiss.

Rip, still after Jax, tries to get him to join the Legion of Doom. Rip temps him with the prospect of using the Spear to bring Jax’s father back to life. Jax refuses.

Mick still wants to fight their way out of the camp. Washington is against it and gives Mick a letter to give to his wife, Martha. Mick, frustrated, ends up giving Washington a lecture on what it is to be an American.

Jax successfully jumpstarts the Waverider just as Rip surprises him. Jax, cornered, agrees to lead Rip to the location of the Spear. Ray, still in the vents, comes face-to-face with the stowaway rat.

Jax takes Rip to the study which turns out to be another trap. The subsequent explosion allows Jax to escape. After Rip recovers, he follows a trail of blood to the infirmary, where Martin has successfully removed the bullet from Sara.

Jax enters to find Rip choking Sara and demanding the Spear. Even though Jax gives in and tells him the location, Rip proceeds to snap Sara’s neck, killing her. Rip quickly leaves and retrieves the Spear from his telescope.

An infuriated Jax goes after Rip, ignoring the fact that the only way to save Sara is to get the power back on and use Gideon.

Ray is able to elude the rat and fall onto the Waverider’s reactor switch, turning on the main power. Gideon comes back to life and immediately tends to Sara.

As Washington is about to be executed, he has a change of heart and fights back. Apparently, Mick’s little pep talk worked. The two fight off multiple British soldiers. Nate saves them right when they’re about to be shot. The team quickly escapes.

Jax tracks Rip out into the open. He holds him at gunpoint, ready to kill him. Sara intervenes and convinces Jax not to kill Rip. Nonchalantly, Rip walks away with the Spear.

Mick shares a final drink with Washington, who reveals that the letter to his Martha was actually plans to ambush the British. Mick has certainly made an impression on the first President.

On board the Waverider, Gideon notes that a statue now stands in the Capitol, bearing a striking resemblance to Mick. As the Legends celebrate Christmas, Sara reminds them about what makes them heroes—their humanity.

And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without gifts. Ray gives Mick the stowaway rat, of which Mick gladly accepts. As Nate hands Amaya her gift, she tells him that she doesn’t think a relationship between teammates would work. Though Nate is disappointed, he agrees. Amaya opens the gift and finds a pair of Ruby slippers. Sara makes a toast—promising that they will save Rip and retrieve the Spear.

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Legendary Moment(s)

  • Mick becoming an American hero and being an intricate part of US history.
  • Ray’s strange obsession with capturing a rat.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

“Turncoat” was definitely a mixed bag. The main plot was lean and mean and Arthur Darvill turned in a great performance, showing a huge contrast from the wimpier, kinder Rip. However, the romantic subplot involving Nate and Amaya seemed completely out of left field.

The sudden “when in Rome” attitude of Amaya when she and Nate were in the tent seemed forced and inorganic. Yes, there was a slight romantic spark at the beginning of the episode. However, with regards to the team’s dire situation, the whole scene seemed out of character and awkward.

“Turncoat” could’ve been one of Legends of Tomorrow’s best episodes. It had the right mixture of humor, action, drama (Sara getting shot), and stakes, but the side-story put everything to a halt, leaving the audience scratching their heads and rolling their eyes.

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