Arrow Season 5, Episode 13 Synopsis: “Spectre Of The Gun”


This week on Arrow, Wild Dog’s origins are revealed after an attack on City Hall triggers painful memories for Rene.

Last week on Arrow‘s “Bratva” episode, Team Arrow traveled to Russia to apprehend General Walker and stop him from selling a nuclear trigger to Markovian terrorists. During the operation, Felicity compromises her integrity to get much needed information.

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John Diggle thought his nightmare was over when Felicity was able to acquire information that proved his innocence and General Walker’s corruption. That feeling of relief would soon be interrupted when the team learns of Walker’s escape.

Making matters worse, Walker went to Russia to sell the nuclear trigger to Markovian terrorists. Team Arrow quickly trailed him and Oliver reconnected with his old Bratva contacts for assistance. But the reception was less than warm, as Oliver had done something which led to the death of one of his Bratva brothers.

Agreeing to do one more favor to repay that debt, Oliver and Dinah sent a message to a rival organization to stop their business dealings. Meanwhile, the team was desperate for information, so Felicity used the data dump she received from her hacker friends to strong arm a few individuals. Oliver wasn’t thrilled and preferred to have himself be the one to sacrifice his integrity.

When the team finally tracks down Walker, the nuclear trigger had already been activated. As the countdown to detonation got close, Rory used his rags to insulate the explosion, saving everyone. But it wasn’t without sacrifice, as the rags are now non-responsive.

This week, we’ll see if Rory will ever be Ragman again. If not, he’ll need to start from square one and learn some new skills. And a violent event at City Hall triggers painful memories for Rene. Here’s the official synopsis:

“Spectre of the Gun”

"A traumatic attack on City Hall triggers painful memories for Rene (Rick Gonzalez) about his family. Flashbacks reveal how Rene went from simple family man to a hero named Wild Dog. Meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) must deal with the perpetrator behind the attack and realizes the best way to do so is as Mayor Queen instead of the Green Arrow. Tensions run high in the Arrow bunker."

And here’s the exciting promo:

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