Funko Marvel Collector Corps: February 2017 “Superhero Showdowns” Unboxing

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Final Round-Up

Another great box from Funko. The Pint Size Heroes are a new line, but they seem to be making a splash with collectors. And the “Green and Red Hulk” pin also marks a first for Funko—the first time two characters appear on a pin.

The “Bullseye/Daredevil” Pop! figures were the stars this month. I’m sure many fans are loving the fact that Daredevil is in his Shadowlands suit. “Superhero Showdowns” was a fun theme, and I’m looking forward to what Funko’s Marvel Collector Corps has in store for future months.

Still not convinced that this is a great box? Due to the items being exclusive and unique to this offering, we’re going to do a theoretical breakdown in price using comparable items found on Ebay and the online Pop Price Guide:

  • “Iron Man and Ultron” Patch: $4.00–$7.00
  • “Green and Red Hulk” Pin: $4.00–$5.00
  • Inhumans vs X-Men #001 Variant Edition Comic Book: $2.99
  • “Spidey vs Goblin” T-Shirt: $15.00–$25.00
  • Captain America Pint Size Heroes Figure: $5.00–$7.00
  • Red Skull Pint Size Heroes Figure: $5.00–$7.00
  • “Bullseye/Daredevil” Exclusive Pop! Figures: $25.00–$70.00

Using the lower-end of the pricing range, all items add up to be $60.99. Note that the value of the Pop! figures has a large range. Though the lowest range is listed, the majority of prices seen on Ebay have averaged around $35.00. This is most likely due to the popularity of Daredevil from the Marvel/Netflix series (where Season 1 and Season 2 both made it to our Greatest Superhero Stories list) along with the figure being shown with the Shadowlands suit. Past trends indicate that the price will only go up.

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

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Funko is really getting the pulse of its collector base. A majority of the boxes for Collector Corps have had double figures or figures with unique accessories (like the Logan figure from the December 2016 box).

As always, I’m willing to forego some other smaller items for two Pop! figures. However, I’m definitely not saying that Funko has packaged filler items. It’s that we know that Pop! figures will, most of the time, hold their values. And people seeking Funko’s boxes are aiming for those figures. This was another excellent box, and the Shadowlands Daredevil alone was worth it!

A special thanks to Funko Marketing Manager Yoko McCann for helping us with this review.

Disclosure: Bam Smack Pow was provided with a free Funko Marvel Collector Corps: February 2017 box for the purposes of this review.