Legion Season 1, Episode 3 Synopsis: “Chapter 3”


This week on Legion, David and his team are threatened by the government which wants to weaponize him.

Last week on Legion‘s “Chapter 2” episode, David Haller’s story continued. As Melanie Bird regressed him to his childhood, many troubling images started to appear. And Amy, David’s sister, started to worry about his whereabouts.

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The second episode of this Marvel Comics series continues the intrigue and mind-bending narrative. David is now in the safety of his new friends—a group led by Melanie Bird who vow to help him learn how to control his powers.

The first step in David’s “education”  was using Ptonomy—a “memory artist”—to help David face his past. The first round proved to be a bit too freaky for David—and for the audience—as he visited his childhood home and saw a faceless father reading to him a very disturbing book.

David was soon brought to his more recent past where he went on drug binges with his now dead best friend Lenny (yeah, the girl from Parks and Recreation who got embedded in the wall). Soon, David’s powerful abilities were on display again. This time, he transported the MRI machine he was in to right outside Summerland.

Let’s not also forget that David still has other people who care about him—namely, his sister Amy. As she searched for him at the psychiatric hospital, she got wind of a cover-up. Her adamant questioning later gets the attention of the government.

This week, David continues to search for answers while a threat to the team starts to grow. And Amy seems to have become the government’s latest target. Here’s the official synopsis:

“Chapter 3”

"David searches for answers, while a threat looms."

And here’s the exciting promo:

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Legion airs on FX on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. EST.