Unboxing: Jada Toys Metals Die Cast “Batmobile & Batman” Collectibles

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Metals Die Cast: “The Dark Knight Batmobile & Batman”

Yes, I know that the line “Does it come in black?” came from Batman Begins, but that film was still within Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Universe. And the Tumbler (the more formal name for the Batmobile in that universe because it was more grounded) went pretty much unchanged in The Dark Knight.

Batman’s mode of transportation in this universe was based on a Wayne Enterprises prototype military vehicle. If a tank and drag race car had a child, this is what it would look like. Embodying pure function, its beauty was in the destruction it left behind—for the bad guys.

Every stealthy angle and panel of this amazing vehicle has been reproduced perfectly. The brass-colored accents are also accurately painted. Opening the canopy (At this point, are you really surprised that it can open?), we find the various levers and controls the Dark Knight used to navigate this beast.

That’s correct, I didn’t falsely forget to mention the presence of a steering wheel. Something this unique shouldn’t be driven by a boring, run-of-the-mill steering wheel.

Christian Bale’s brooding Batman is reproduced with his “version 2.0” armor—one that allows him to move faster, and more freely. Yep, he can turn his head also—no “Bat-turn” here.

“The Dark Knight Batmobile & Batman” offering is probably one of the best out there for this film. The interactive canopy and rare peek at the vehicle’s cockpit make this collectible a rarity in the toy market.