DC All Access: Patrick Gleason Talks Superman Reborn


In the latest episode of DC ALL Access, writer/artist Patrick Gleason talks about the upcoming “Superman Reborn” storyline.

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Going into DC Rebirth, it was tough to know what to expect. The New 52 had been a mixed bag of solid hits and big disappointments that left fans wondering what was to come in yet another relaunch. But the biggest question mark by far had to do with the Man of Steel.

See, one of the bigger disappointments to come out of the New 52 was Superman. Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics was virtually unreadable, Superman went through a revolving door of creative team changes and Superman Unchained, the over-hyped miniseries by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee was not nearly as good as advertised.

So it was very important that DC get Superman right in Rebirth.

And fortunately they did,

By bringing back the pre-Flashpoint Lois Lane and Clark Kent and giving them a son, it has completely changed the dynamic of not only the character, but the series as a whole. Both Superman and Action Comics are now a joy to read and I find myself counting down the days until a new issue hits the stands.

And a big reason for that is Superman co-writer and artist Patrick Gleason. Working with Peter J. Tomasi, the two have turned the title into one of the best to come out of DC Rebirth.

Now Gleason sits down with DC All Access to talk about the new “Superman Reborn” crossover running through both Superman and Action Comics.

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Who is the mysterious Mr. Oz up to? What are his ties to the Watchmen? Who exactly is the new Clark Kent? And what is going on with Superman and his wife and son?

Gleason promises all will soon be revealed and that the world of Superman will never be the same.

Superman #18, the opening chapter of “Superman Reborn” is in stores now.