“Marvel’s Inhumans” Cast Black Bolt, But Where Might He Show Up First?


“Marvel’s Inhumans” announced the actor for its Black Bolt character, and while that might not be the most exciting thing, it has a lot of potential

Marvel’s Inhumans has announced its Black Bolt in that of Anson Mount. Most recently, he starred in AMC’s Hell On Wheels and has made appearances in various other movies and television shows (including Lost and Smallville).

Entertainment Weekly broke the news on their Twitter earlier today:

He joins a cast that currently only holds himself and Iwan Rheon from Game of Thrones, who plays Maximus, Black Bolt’s brother.

But BSP’s Steve and I got to talking. While this is cool news, we want to know if he might show up earlier than the IMAX premiere in September.

Perhaps on a television show also put out by Marvel…

One that’s currently dealing with a hate group that wants to exterminate all Inhumans.

Hint: it starts with “Agents” and ends with “of SHIELD.”

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

If you’ve been watching Agents of SHIELD this season, you’re all caught up on the anger toward Inhumans and how X-Men-like it’s feeling as they fight for equal rights. Just a few episodes ago, the Superior was talking about his ultimate goal of wiping out all Inhumans.

What if the Royal Family got wind of that evil plan? It’s not too farfetched to think they might show up to handle the situation. They could just be lurking in the shadows, doing their own thing.

Who’s to say it’s impossible for Black Bolt to show up on one of the last episodes of Agents of SHIELD, kicking butt and revealing a larger Inhuman world to Daisy?

Look, we’ll never get an Avengers cameo because it’s too expensive. This would be an awesome way to tie in the new series and show our SHIELD friends that while they think they may have things handled, there’s so much more they don’t know.