The Post-Credits Scene For “Logan” Is A Little Unexpected


Rumors have run rampant about “Logan” and a potential post-credits scene. We’ve got the scoop for you to set the record straight

Logan is a fantastic film. But you could have gauged that from the ratings at Rotten Tomatoes.

And I’m never here to talk about how awesome a new movie is. I’m here to give you the scoop on the mid- and post-credits scenes. Sometimes those can be even more important than the movies themselves.

A few weeks before Logan’s premiere, it came out that there might not be a post-credits scene after the movie. But it’s a comic book movie! you cried. They all have post-credits scenes!

Spoilers Ahead! You have been warned!

Well… I’ll tell you what:

They weren’t lying.

There is no post-credits scene.

There’s a pre-movie scene.

And it’s pretty much the most lighthearted thing you will experience compared to what follows.

Because we start on a pan-up of a gentleman walking down the street in a hoodie, and they’re a little too thin to be Hugh Jackman. Sure enough, it’s Wade Wilson, mutilated face and all. He’s caught wind of someone getting mugged in a nearby alley.

Deadpool and Colossus in “Deadpool,” copyright 20th Century Fox

And it’s Deadpool to the rescue! Except he needs to change into his outfit first. Thankfully, there’s a phone booth on the corner he can use.

It’s just outside of a theater currently playing Logan! Of course, it takes Deadpool a solid minute to change, long enough for the guy getting mugged to get shot.

Deadpool runs across the street to Superman’s theme only to find the guy dead. “Oh, you’re not gonna walk that one off, that’s so gross,” he tells the dead guy.

And in the most Deadpool fashion, he lays down on top of the guy and starts talking to him, wondering just why a phone booth was on the corner (“Didn’t those disappear in ’98?”) and eating the gentleman’s ice cream.

It ends with “Deadpool, Coming Soon. Not Soon Enough,” followed by a lot of disclaimer text that scrolls by in small font and very fast. If you must know, it’s a retelling of The Old Man and the Sea and ends with Red Lobster. It’s very Deadpool.

Not to mention the phone booth he changes in has graffiti on it stating Nathan Summers is coming soon.

It’s an absolutely ridiculous pre-movie scene.

And if you read this whole thing and have yet to see Logan, might I suggest bringing along a box of Kleenex?