Danny Rand Won’t Wear Costume In Season 1 Of Iron Fist


Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck has revealed that Danny Rand won’t be wearing his classic costume in the first season.

There can be no argument that Marvel’s gamble on Netflix has played handsome dividends. So far each and every season of the various shows has been a huge hit. What originally was just supposed to be single seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders quickly exceeded all expectations.

We have now had an additional season of Daredevil, second seasons of Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage in development as well as a highly anticipated Punisher series on the way.

Not too bad when you consider all the troubles Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had over the course of its first four seasons.

Next up is Iron Fist starring Finn Jones as hero Danny Rand. This is the last solo series before the gang gets together for The Defenders, a street-level version of the big screen Avengers.

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As anticipation builds for Iron Fist‘s debut later this month, fans have wondered if Danny will wear his traditional superhero outfit in the show. For the most part the costumes have not been an important part of the Netflix series, with the focus instead being on the characters and stories instead of effects.

We would appear to have our answer.

Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck recently spoke to SFX Magazine and was asked about if Danny Rand would wear his classic yellow and green costume. His answer seemed to lay the matter to rest.

"There was no good reason we could imagine to put Danny Rand in a costume. Because Danny Rand is still discovering who he is as a hero and where he is going to be, so he’s not yet ready to put on a mask or a costume. … At the same time he is someone who is rather well known as a billionaire, so he can’t necessarily go out in public and do the things he does without being recognized. It does become an issue for the character."

For fans of Iron Fist and his distinctive look in the comics, I’m sure the news is disappointing. But as I said, the various Netflix series have never focused on the look of the characters and instead put the story front and center.

And there is always The Defenders and the as good as guaranteed second season of Iron Fist to see Rand in the mask and collar as high as the top of his head.

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Iron Fist is set to premiere on Netflix on March 17, 2017 to be followed by The Defenders sometime this summer and The Punisher later in the year. Daredevil seasons one and two, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are currently available.