Legion Season 1, Episode 5 Synopsis: “Chapter 5”


This week on Legion, David must go up against a new threat.

Last week on Legion‘s “Chapter 4” episode, David’s friends attempted to pull him out of his memories by retracing his past. Little did they know, Division 3 was right on their tails, waiting to capture all of them.

David was still lost in his memories, unable to wake up. Ptonomy, Syd, and Kerry went off in the physical world to find answers in the hopes of freeing David. They first questioned David’s ex-girlfriend and shockingly learned that Lenny, who we all thought looked like Aubrey Plaza, was actually a man. Yep, David’s altered perception of reality continues.

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Next up, they went to Dr. Poole’s, deducing that David must’ve gone there to retrieve old tapes of his sessions. As they questioned Dr. Poole, they soon discovered that it was the Eye, pretending to be a psychiatrist. As Division 3 moved in, the team made a run for it.

Cornered, Syd used her powers and traded places with the Eye, allowing her to command the soldiers and get the team out safely.

Meanwhile, David is revealed to be on an astral plane, conversing with Oliver, Melanie’s husband. When David finally chose to leave, he ran into Lenny, now in Aubrey Plaza form, who went about enraging David.

David’s anger brakes him out of his dream state and he appeared right outside of the facility where Syd, who’s still the Eye, and the rest of the team just got back. David, using his powers, crashes the truck.

The Eye, who looked like Syd, took advantage of David’s ignorance. David ended up tackling the wrong person—and he soon found out about it when Syd transformed back. As the Eye raised his gun, Kerry ran out and shielded David and Syd, getting shot in the process.

This week, a new threat emerges, and David and the team question their reality. Here is the official synopsis from FX Networks:

“Chapter 5”

"David faces a new threat."

And here’s the exciting promo:

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Legion airs on FX on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. EST.