“Legion” Season 1 Episode 6 Recap And Review: “Chapter Six”


Legion’s sixth episode shows the team as patients in David’s original psychiatric hospital. And everything about their new reality is questioned.

This week, our Legion recap expert Christina is on vacation, so you’ll have to make due with me. I promise to try my best to live up to her standards, but those are some big shoes to fill. And please don’t blame me if you end up like David after reading this futile attempt at making sense of “Chapter Six.”

Not-So-Short Summary

Legion ups the ante in mind-bending narratives with “Chapter Six.” The episode opens with the team being evaluated in one-on-one sessions with Lenny, who’s now this reality’s psychiatrist. Even the Eye is a patient in this weird world.

As Syd walks through the halls, she notices something completely out of place—a bedroom door. She tries to listen to what’s behind it, but her name is announced on the intercom. She arrives at the nurses’ station and is given a rude pat-down by Amy, who’s now a domineering nurse.

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David and Ptolomy sit together and ponder some philosophical questions about a catatonic patient. Syd joins them, but Lenny comes by to alert David about his session.

Lenny wants to know how David is feeling. He’s actually quite content and feels that he’s finally in control. She wants to know if he ever fears “losing it.” He doesn’t want to mess things up.

Amy proves to be quite the bully nurse when she takes away David’s cherry pie. Syd offers hers to him, but Amy won’t allow it. When Syd takes a bite, she discovers that it’s infested with insects. It soon turns out to be a strange hallucination.

We cut to an odd, but cool montage scene where Lenny, wearing no pants, does a psychedelic dance—going through David’s various memories of certain locations. She quickly exits from this dance-off via the bedroom door in the hospital’s hallway.

Syd has a dream of walking down the hospital’s hall. She sees flashes of David and the demon. Waking up, she finds that David has entered her room. He lies down beside her. The two talk and Syd voices her desire to leave the hospital, while David seems happy to grow old within its walls.

The next day, Syd rendezvous with Cary, Kerry, and Melanie in the common room. Cary thinks the dreams have to do with alternate dimensions and starts to propose various theories. Syd has a feeling that it’s something else.

When briefly left alone in the hallway, Kerry is stalked by the Eye. He quickly disappears after she gets wind of his creepy gaze.

Before turning in for the night, Cary promises to Kerry that if she gets scared, she can knock on their shared wall. The second Cary falls asleep, a large bright-colored ice cube appears above him. He’s soon transported into the woods where he’s greeted by Oliver Bird, who’s in his deep diving suit. Cary tries to greet him in multiple languages with no success.

LEGION — “Chapter 6” – Season 1, Episode 6 (Airs Wednesday, March 15, 10:00 pm/ep) — Pictured: Jean Smart as Melanie Bird. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

Spending some quality time together, Syd again asks David if he questions his reality. We quickly learn that David thinks Syd is the one with delusions and he only has manic depression. This is enough to prove Syd’s suspicions.

As Syd walks down the hall, she sees a section of the wall throb—like a beating membrane. It starts to bleed. In quick flashes, Syd srecollects her first meeting with David. Lenny appears and convinces Syd to put on a pair of headphones which quickly put her to sleep. She ends up floating back into her bedroom.

Ptolomy has a strange dream about the day his mother died. We cut to Kerry who suddenly wakes up. She goes to Cary’s room, but is greeted by the Eye instead. He approaches her in a threatening manner, causing her to eventually run out.

David ventures down the hall looking for Syd. To his surprise, he finds the strange bedroom door. Amy appears and taunts him—telling David how he was an unwanted orphan who made her and her family sick.

Melanie sees a vision of Oliver, still in his deep diving suit. As she touches the wall, it gives—leading her back to David’s home, during the final scenes of “Chapter 5.” Everything in the scene seems to be moving at a decelerated rate, almost frozen. Oliver directs her to save David and Syd. She’s unable to do so. Soon, two large eyes appear on the wall. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Kerry tries to escape from the Eye.

David goes to Lenny, asking for Syd’s whereabouts. He’s quickly lured into another session with her. However, we see who Lenny really is: the demon. Lenny reveals that David’s real father (we all know she’s referring to Professor X) tried to hide him.

The demon’s been with David since his time in the womb. It wanted to temporarily use David, but discovered that he’s extremely powerful. Now, he wants David’s body and mind. Internally, David is seen in a glass coffin, falling into a dark void.

Oliver, still in his deep diving suit, removes the headphones from a sleeping Syd. We quickly learn that the person in the deep diving suit is actually Cary.

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LEGION — “Chapter 6” – Season 1, Episode 6 (Airs Wednesday, March 15, 10:00 pm/ep) — Pictured: (l-r) Rachel Keller as Syd Barrett, Dan Stevens as David Haller. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

Badass Moment of the Week

Cary revealing that he’s the one in the deep diving suit. The character seems to be timid, but he’s broken out somehow—which proves that there’s more than meets the eye to this friendly mutant.

Best One-Liner

Cary greeting Oliver, who was in the deep diving suit. Starting out with a timid “hello,” Cary quickly attempts communication with various languages. With no success, Cary tries to explain his situation—“I’m um … Is this … Am I dreaming? I uh … I saw an ice cube. Like a huge … Can you … take me there?” Oliver starts walking and Cary just follows.

After reviewing this week’s episode, I feel like I was stuck in this strange reality with them. It was captivating, but confusing—in a good way. There are so many questions: How did Cary get out? Is Cary really out? Why is Syd the only one questioning this reality? How is Oliver helping them? Why is time massively decelerated in the real world?

Next week, Christina comes back to recap and review “Chapter 7.” Yes, I’m happy because I have a headache after this latest episode. It was mesmerizing, but definitely something that needs some stewing over.

Oh, and before I forget, I was cheering at my monitor (yes, I watch television on my computer … don’t judge me) when Lenny (the demon) made some passing references to David’s father and how he tried to “hide” him. In my mind’s eye, I had an image of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X tearfully saying goodbye to an infant David.