Divinity III #4 Review: God Vs. God To End Stalinverse


Gods clash in the bombastic conclusion to the Divinity trilogy, offering the action scenes readers crave and the emotional solution to make Asimov proud.

Divinity 3 #4 cover by Adam Gorham

Divinity III #4 (of 4)
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Trevor Hairsine
Published by Valiant Entertainment

Valiant’s latest event, Stalinverse, brings a close to the epic begun with a cosmonaut returned as God in Divinity. Iconic heroes have found new life as tools of the Communist regime. Some have ended up in the Gulag. And above them all, original Divinity Abram Adams has fought to resurrect the world we know from beneath new God Myshka’s Soviet overwrite. Last issue, Adams found a third God, Kazmir, behind it all. And this week, the gods clash. Heaven help us all.

Matt Kindt crafts a near-perfect final chapter here, spending plenty of time assembling Adams’s team of Valiant’s champions. This flows naturally into a brawl between the Soviet versions of our heroes and the powerful new women of Myshka’s Red Brigade. It’s the biggest fight of the miniseries, and Hairsine’s grounded linework and David Baron’s lush colors bring this to frightening life.

But the main showdown, the first Divinity against the last one, gets ample room to breathe. And more importantly, to think. Because Kindt’s Divinity stories aren’t won with punching and laser beams. He thinks his way out of his problems, and so does his main character. This battle is in the hands of Abram’s parents, who gave him science fiction. So expect cameos from works like Dune and Starship Troopers as Valiant’s God pulls on Asimov’s teaching to change this world forever.

Valiant readers will love this satisfying end to one of the line’s most successful new properties.

Stalinverse comes to an end Wednesday, March 29, courtesy of Valiant Entertainment.

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