Legion Season 1, Episode 8 Season Finale Synopsis: “Chapter 8”


This week on Legion, the team faces off with Division Three.

Last week on Legion‘s “Chapter 7” episode, Oliver Bird helped Cary free the team from the Shadow King’s control. And David learned about his mysterious past with allusions to a very famous X-Man.

The penultimate episode of Legion really delivered. Even though it wasn’t the final one for the season, it definitely seemed like it—the show really went all out. We started with Cary having a very revealing conversation with Oliver. Soon, Oliver arms Cary with glasses that allow the team to see reality.

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David, still stuck in his psychological prison, finds a new trick up his sleeve to free himself—his own rational mind, which also has a British accent. His rational side has David walk through his own history. Via animated chalk drawings, we’re shown David’s father’s (Professor X) battle with the Shadow King, and the latter’s original plan to hide inside of David’s mind—controlling him and driving him crazy.

Meanwhile, Cary finds Syd and Kerry. As they put on their special Oliver-designed spectacles, they make their way through the psychiatric hospital. It’s not without its challenges though, as Walter is also after them.

David finally takes control and breaks everyone free. Cary gives David a device, allowing him to temporarily keep the Shadow King at bay (who’s now shown to be in David’s former coffin-like prison).

Back at the team’s headquarters, Division Three shows up—along with the interrogator from the first episode, who’s not looking so spry. The final scenes show the Shadow King starting to break through and free himself.

This week, Legion‘s Season 1 finale promises some very intense mutant action and David finally embracing his powers. Here’s the official synopsis from FX Networks:

“Chapter 8”

"David faces his biggest challenge yet."

And here’s the exciting promo:

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Enjoy this week’s episode, and check back with us on Thursday morning for Christina’s full recap and review. Also, make sure to head on over to our friends at theStream.tv where they’ll be discussing the latest episode on their Legion After Show.

Legion airs on FX on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. EST.