Marvel Pick Of The Week: Spider-Woman #17 – Good-Bye, Jessica!


Jessica Drew wraps up the latest run of her solo title this week. See how a dynamite creative says goodbye to a fantastic character.

Pick Of The Week: Spider-Woman #17, by Dennis Hopeless, Veronica Fish, and Rachelle Rosenberg

Cover by Veronica Fish

Jessica Drew bids adieu to another run of solo adventures this week, joining Ghost Rider, Black Widow, and the All-New X-Men in the ranks of completed journeys. Over the past two years, Dennis Hopeless and his team of artists have moved an already fascinating character from a position as Avenger and super-spy to detective and mother.

This book pushes boundaries of super-hero comics. After the Spider-Verse crossover, she left the Avengers to pursue life as a motorcycle-riding, leather-jacketed detective. And after Secret Wars, Jessica’s pregnancy raised eyebrows. Rather than an endless series of exaggerated dangers, Hopeless kept his scripts tight, validating the discomforts of pregnancy, raising a child in a world of social media’s judgmental recommendations, and balancing work with family. Jessica rehabilitated a low-level villain, The Porcupine, into a really good nanny. And in the last issue, she let herself fall in love with him.

So it makes sense not to end this series with a fight-to-the-death rooftop scene or a sad stare at the ashes of a life destroyed. Instead, Jessica throws a party for her Avenger friends. Most of them are cool. Black Widow is ridiculously critical of The Porcupine. And the party almost collapses when baby Gerry takes… well, they’re not first steps, but for superheroes, they are. So by the end, Jessica has clearly learned what matters to her. The final page blends humor and heart as this phenomenal woman takes stock of a life of friendship, love, family, and responsibility.

Hopeless has brought this book to what feels like a natural close. The character ends up dramatically different from where she started. She’s going to be a fun addition to future team books or guest-star roles. But her solo time is due for a rest, and Hopeless should be proud of a job well done. I am sure Jessica would thank him herself if she could.

Art by Veronica Fish

I mean, look at this! How cute is this family?

Honorable Mentions:

Cover by Mark Bagley

Words by Dennis Hopeless, Art by Paco Diaz

Dennis Hopeless sticks the landing on two endings this week, and even if All-New X-Men lacked the consistent appeal of Spider-Woman, this dance party nails the tone he’s set.

Cover by Jonboy Meyers

Words by Al Ewing, Art by Ryan Sook

Starting the new Inhumans space adventure with Marvel Boy singing Belinda Carlyle’s “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” has just sold me the first issue of a series I swore I wouldn’t read. Well played, Al Ewing.

Cover by Alex Maleev

Words by Brian Michael Bendis, Art by Alex Maleev

Bendis dialogue and Doctor Doom don’t seem like natural partners until you realize the perfection of pages like this.

Cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Words by Mark Waid, Art by Chris Samnee

After an intense mission of spying and killing and exploding stuff, Tony Stark making a Charlie’s Angels joke hits the spot.

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