Funko Marvel Collector Corps: April 2017 “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” Unboxing

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The Details!

Collector Corps “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” Patch and Pin

The “Star-Lord” patch is amazingly detailed … and colorful. He’s wearing his famous helmet and the overall patch is framed with a nice gold border. This patch definitely stands out, even from a distance.

The “Gamora” pin features the Zen-Whoberis fighter. Her hair spills out beyond the pin’s borders, adding a bit of perceived motion. The overall pin also complements the patch nicely—with both of them featuring a similar shape.

Collector Corps “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” Packing Slip

The packing slip takes readers through a journey of how each item in the box was created. There are also some mentions of in-movie facts. Overall, readers will learn that this box contains a lot of “firsts” for Funko.

Turning the packing slip over, we get a preview of June 2017’s theme—Spider-Man: Homecoming. As the movie will be out in July 2017, it only makes sense that this is Funko’s next offer for Marvel fans.

Collector Corps Secret Empire #0 Variant Edition Comic Book

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

The Secret Empire #0 comic book takes a break from the usual Funko Pop! art. Funko’s Vice President of Creative Ben Butcher shows off his talent here, as the cover is completely designed by him. The light, airy art is reminiscent of a children’s book illustration. It’s a very nice homage to Peter Quill’s constant references of “Ranger Rick” and “The Giving Tree” from the first movie.

Collector Corps “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

The t-shirt shows our heroes bursting out from a black background. The bold purple and bright red hues are a throwback to the loud designs of the 1980s. It’s only fitting, as a majority of the film’s music are classics.

Collector Corps “Star-Lord With the Milano” Dorbz

Subscribers wanted more figures and toys, and Funko listened. The Dorbz in this month’s box is something I’ve never seen before: a standalone Star-Lord figure that can be placed inside his ship, the Milano.

The box was definitely made with collectors in mind. It’s a high-quality cardboard with some of the art bearing a glossy sheen. The windows are large, allowing for a good view of the figure and the ship. However, seeing as how the figure is removable, this box had to be opened.

The “Star-Lord” Dorbz is very detailed. They did a great job reproducing Chris Pratt’s face and smile by finding the essence of his character. The character’s famous shirt, bearing the strange alien language, is also faithfully reproduced.

The Milano, Peter’s famous ship named after his childhood crush, comes with its own display stand. Due to the packaging, one of the Milano’s wings needs to be assembled onto the main body of the ship.

However, be forewarned. Upon further inspection, you’ll notice that once the wing goes on, it’ll never come off—hence, making it impossible to place back into the box. That’s why I opted not to assemble everything.

Nonetheless, the ship is beautifully designed. It’s got all the right colors from the film. Looking at it from various angles, you can see that there are no missing details.

Here, we have the “Star-Lord” Dorbz placed in its ship. The overall collectible is definitely a fun addition to any fan’s bookshelf.

Collector Corps “Rocket With Groot” Pop! Figure

Finally, we have Rocket with Baby Groot perched on his back. The box is Funko’s usual design of having large windows along with customized art. Both Rocket and Baby Groot make a fun team in this sculpt. The addition of an extra figure (Baby Groot) with the main figure (Rocket) is also a “first” for Funko.