Agents Of SHIELD Season 4, Episode 19 Synopsis: “All The Madame’s Men”


This week on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Aida executes her final plan.

Last week on Agents of SHIELD, the team lost a key member of the Resistance. However, Melinda May finally opened her eyes to Hydra’s true intentions.

Yes, it was a sad episode. But the sacrifice was necessary, as it helped to gain a very important ally. Melinda May from the start of “What If…” proved to be a very formidable enemy—all the May strength and tenacity, but focused on the wrong goals. Yeah, SHIELD had their work cut out for them.

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May, with suspicions about Daisy’s true allegiance, tricked the potential Inhuman (“potential” because they’re in the Framework where Daisy hasn’t yet gained her Quake abilities) into confessing who she really was. That little misstep from Daisy got her locked up and put through Dr. Leo Fitz’s harsh interrogation tactics.

Back in Resistance-land, Jeffrey Mace and the team mounted a rescue mission for an unknown prisoner. That prisoner soon turns out to be Antoine Triplett. If you thought Hyrda was going to let them get away that easily, you thought wrong. They soon sent a super-powered May after them.

When Hydra shoots the facility with a missile in hopes of killing Mace, May discovers that children are also being held there. Mace uses the last of his strength to hold up a beam—allowing his friends, a teenaged prisoner, and May to escape unharmed.

Mace’s sacrifice opens May’s eyes—SHIELD is not the enemy. In the end, May makes a daring decision—she activates Daisy’s Inhuman abilities by throwing a Terrigen crystal at her feet.

This week, Madame Hydra will put her ultimate plan into motion. However, the Resistance will be ready, as they now have May and Quake on their side. Here’s the official synopsis from ABC:

“All the Madame’s Men”

"On the episode “All The Madame’s Men” – Daisy finds herself teamed up with an unlikely partner. Meanwhile, Aida prepares to put her ultimate end game into effect, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” TUESDAY, APRIL 25 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network."

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