Looking ahead to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2017


Her Cape will travel to Las Vegas June 23-25 for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. Let’s take a look at their amazing guest list.

Las Vegas and pop culture. It doesn’t get much better than that, so if you’re a fan of pop culture and comic conventions, you need to be at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con June 23-25. I have been to tons of conventions over the years, and I can tell you that ALVCC is one of my absolute favorites.

ALVCC will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the second year in a row as Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con celebrates its fifth anniversary. Doors open at 3pm on Friday and the show will stay open until 8pm that night. The Saturday hours are 10-7pm, and Sunday the convention will be open 10-6pm. The annual Costume Contest will take place immediately following the convention on Saturday and should run until approximately 8:30pm.

You can always count on ALVCC to bring some fantastic guests to their conventions, and 2017 is no exception. This year the legendary Stan Lee will be making an appearance, along with Adam West and Burt Ward of 1906’s Batman fame. (Adam West in Las Vegas…yes, please!) ALVCC regulars Kevin Eastman (TMNT) and Rob Liefield (Deadpool) will be in attendance, along with Todd McFarlane, who will be celebrating 25 years of Spawn.  Ray Park, the man who brought Darth Maul to life, is scheduled to appear, as is Harley Quinn artists Chad Hardin.

As I mentioned before, ALVCC is one of my favorite cons. (For reference, San Diego Comic Con is my home base) It’s a great size, with plenty to keep you occupied over the entire three days. Their Artist Alley has no fewer than 200 tables with talented artists that don’t often travel to the larger conventions, and it’s a great place to request commissions because you have the time and space to converse with the artists.

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Over the next few weeks we’ll feature more about Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con leading up to June 23. For now, be sure to check out the ticket options, including VIP access to signings and photo opportunities.