The Flash Season 3, Episode 19 Recap: “The Once And Future Flash”


In hopes of finding out the true identity of Savitar, The Flash travels to the year 2024 where he discovers more than he bargained for.

The Flash begins by taking a few steps back, showing Barry Allen and Iris West before Caitlin Snow transforms into Killer Frost at the end of “Abra Kadabra.” Barry’s research into discovering the God of Speed Savitar’s secret identity leads him to the year 2024. In case the future comes to pass and Savitar kills Iris, she wants Barry to promise to be there for Joe and Wally West.

Their conversation is interrupted by a S.T.A.R. Labs alert for Killer Frost’s rampage in the previous episode. HR Wells and Cisco Ramon bring some levity to the proceedings by singing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.” The Flash arrives too late to stop Killer Frost’s escape.

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Flash is ready to head to the future, but he’ll need an assist from Kid Flash to make it happen. While Barry is fast, Wally is faster, and the addition of Kid Flash’s speed will create enough force to propel Flash to 2024. My big question (that’s never really referenced until later in the episode) is how does Barry plan on getting back to the present?

We’ll worry about that later as the Flash makes it to 2024. Of course, there has to be the obligatory “current day newspaper blows into the scene so our hero can double-check the date is correct” moment. Two members of Flash’s rogues—Mirror Master and Top—welcome him to 2024 with an attack. Top is able to make Flash dizzy, but not enough where he can’t race off to get his bearings. Barry changes into civilian clothing to visit his old apartment and meets Cisco. His longtime friend tells Barry that after Iris’ death, he pushed all the members of #TeamFlash away and became a recluse.

Cisco takes present-Barry to meet future-Barry, who hangs out at the old remains of S.T.A.R. Labs. Emo Barry says he doesn’t know who Savitar is, which makes this whole trip a dud. To make matters worse, Barry can’t open a portal to the past. Now I’m confused because Barry needed Kid Flash’s help to open a portal to the future, but now Flash is supposed to be able to open one himself to go back to the present?

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Barry wonders if Cisco can use his Vibe powers to get back home, but those days are behind Cisco since he lost both his hands in a battle with Killer Frost. Turns out she joined Savitar’s crusade and knows his real identity. Before hunting for her, Cisco and Barry pay a visit to see wheelchair-bound Wally. The former Kid Flash is in this predicament after going one-on-one with Savitar. Also, future-Barry broke his promise to Iris that he’d watch over Joe and Wally.

We learn that May 23rd is the day when Savitar is going to kill Iris, and Cisco is the one who was secretly keeping Barry from going home with a technological device. Cisco wants to get the band back together (himself, Julian Albert, HR Wells, and Joe) one last time to take down Mirror Master and Top. Future-Barry even joins in as he’s decked out in an updated Flash outfit. He uses Cisco’s device to take out the villains’ powers and the good guys prevail.

Before Barry leaves, future-Barry lets him know that a person named Tracy Brand develops a method to trap Savitar in the Speed Force four years after Iris’ death. If Barry can find her in the present, then that may be what can save Iris. Before the episode concludes, Savitar reveals his true identity to Killer Frost.

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Time travel stories are always fun, but why must the future always be this grim, dark place? How come the future is devoid of hope? Either way, Caitlin Frost has completed her heel turn into Killer Frost, and we’re one episode away from finally learning who is Savitar.

Closing Thought

My money is still on a future version of Barry Allen being Savitar. Two other possible options are Ronnie Raymond since Killer Frost seemed to recognize Savitar (plus it makes sense for her to follow Ronnie) and a corrupted version of the Speed Force.

Who do you think is Savitar? Let us know in the comments.