New Wonder Woman sneak peek to air during May 1 Gotham


An exclusive sneak peek of Wonder Woman will air during the all-new May 1 episode of Gotham. Wonder Woman comes out June 2.

We don’t need another reason to tune into Gotham on Monday night, but the producers of Wonder Woman have given us one.

During the May 1 episode of Gotham, during an episode called “These Dark and Delicate Obsessions,” a new sneak peek of Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman will debut. It’s not clear at what point the trailer will hit during the show, but it’s the perfect lead in now that Gotham is back for the second half of its third season. It’s also a nice lead in for fans to watch Gotham and then stay tuned in for the midseason premiere of Lucifer.

With just over a month until Wonder Woman hits theaters, there has been an outcry over whether or not Warner Bros has been publicizing Wonder Woman with the same vigor as it had for Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. The studio’s numbers would seem to suggest that Wonder Woman has been slightly ahead in marketing dollars than Suicide Squad at the same five-week out spot. However, the fan consensus is that it simply doesn’t feel like Wonder Woman is getting the same love as BvS and Suicide Squad.

There is a lot riding on both movies so it makes sense to put the new television ad during Gotham. Gotham has yet to be renewed for a fourth season while Wonder Woman is the first female-driven superhero movie.

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Wonder Woman opens June 2. Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm on Fox.