Official DC Super Hero Joke Book giveaway from Downtown Bookworks


Downtown Bookworks announces their Official DC Super Hero Joke Book giveaway.

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It’s May, and that means Free Comic Book Day, a.k.a. “Nerd Christmas,” is coming—well, May 6, 2017 to be exact. It’ll be a veritable ritual as comic lovers perform the annual tradition of going to their favorite local comic book store, lining up, and receiving this year’s harvest. We admit the line and wait can be a bit torturous (okay, maybe not at Comic-Con proportions, but it’s still waiting). However, we do have a solution—jokes. Yes, jokes. And what better way to fit the theme of that day than to arm yourself with Downtown Bookworks’ Official DC Super Hero Joke Book.

We recently reviewed the book, and it’s a treasure trove of fun, wholesome jokes that children would love—but that shouldn’t stop adults from enjoying them also. Some are actually quite witty.

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day and the recent release of the book, Downtown Bookworks is holding a contest where each of three lucky winners will get a signed copy of the book. Here are the details:

Image Courtesy of Downtown Bookworks

  1. FOLLOW Downtown Bookworks on Instagram (@downtown_bookworks) or LIKE them on Facebook.
  2. Like their post announcing the contest on either Instagram or Facebook.

The contest will end on Free Comic Book Day (5/6/2017) at 11:59pm EST. Downtown Bookworks will announce the lucky winners on Monday (5/8/2017).

The only thing not to joke about is this prize. It’s time to get online faster than the Flash, so you can start liking and following.

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Special thanks to Downtown Bookworks Editorial/Marketing Associate Sara DiSalvo for alerting us to this giveaway.

The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book is published by Downtown Bookworks and is currently available for purchase online, at retailers, and wherever books are sold.

About the Authors

Noah Smith is a comedy writer and playwright. He has written material for “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live, and his plays have been produced in 44 states and on four continents.

Sarah Parvis is a children’s book author and editor who spent her childhood in Wonder Woman pajamas.

Michael Robin is an author, librarian, and DC mega-fan. He also wrote DC Super Heroes My First Dictionary.