Funko DC Legion of Collectors – May 2017 “Wonder Woman” unboxing

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Logo Courtesy of DC Comics

Check out our unboxing of Funko’s Legion of Collectors May 2017 “Wonder Woman” box which contains exclusive collectible items.

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Wonder Woman is one of the most highly anticipated films for summer 2017. The movie is well overdue. The last time we had a live-action Wonder Woman was 40 years ago when Lynda Carter donned the iconic red, gold, and blue suit and tiara.

Model-turned-actress Gal Gadot had her detractors when she was originally announced for the role. However, after her appearance in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, audiences were mesmerized—they embraced her as the Goddess of Truth.

The upcoming solo film has a lot riding on it. It’s one of those rare superhero films with a female lead, and it’s also seen as the savior that will take the DC Extended Universe out of its rut. So yeah, it’s a big deal.

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Funko definitely sees the release of this film as a cause for celebration. That’s why their Legion of Collectors May 2017 box is dedicated to Wonder Woman. Bam Smack Pow was lucky enough to receive one of these, so we have an exclusive unboxing for you. Now sit back and witness the courage, power, and wonder!