Funko DC Legion of Collectors – May 2017 “Wonder Woman” unboxing

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The Details!

Legion of Collectors “Wonder Woman” Patch and Pin

The Wonder Woman patch is a close-up shot of the heroine. It doesn’t get too colorful, but it’s quite detailed. Wonder Woman’s eyes are framed by a subtle grey border that’s adorned with her name.

The pin sports the film’s logo and matches nicely with the patch—using the same scheme of blue, gold, and red. It’s simple and gets right to the point. There’s no denying who this symbol belongs to.

Legion of Collectors “Wonder Woman” Packing Slip

The included packing slip is always a pleasure to read. It leads subscribers through some facts about Wonder Woman and also takes us through the design of each item.

Turning it over, we have a preview of the box for July 2017—Batman: The Animated Series! I can tell you that I’m already looking forward to this. It’s about time!

Legion of Collectors “Wonder Woman” Socks

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

This month, Funko completely switches it up. We don’t get a t-shirt or a baseball cap. For our clothing item, we get a pair of Wonder Woman socks. Overall, the socks are black. The top portions are decorated with red Funko versions of the character, with some red in the heel and toe areas. The picture doesn’t show it that well, but there’s also a pattern of blue stars.

Legion of Collectors “Wonder Woman” Pint Size Heroes Figure

For our first figure, we have the Pint Size Heroes Wonder Woman. Pint Size Heroes are meant to be blind boxes, but due to the theme this month, it’s obvious they had to give a Wonder Woman one.

The figure is very nicely detailed and, strangely enough, even though there’s very little room to create a realistic face sculpt, the figure’s visage very much resembles Gal Gadot. It’s all in the eyes.

Legion of Collectors “Doctor Maru” Pop! Figure

We now get to the “meatier” items. Here’s the Doctor Maru Pop! figure. The character is played by Spanish actress Elena Anaya in the upcoming film.

It’s always fun to see Funko create a Pop! version of a threatening character. The sculpts always make the most devious features look endearing. Here, it’s Doctor Maru’s mask—which looks disturbing in the film. But once we let Funko apply its magic touch, the character looks quirky and fun.

Legion of Collectors “Wonder Woman” Pop! Figure

The Wonder Woman Pop! figure looks amazing. It’s got a great pose—wielding her Lasso of Truth. The figure is also highly detailed, showing a very faithful translation of her armor and various accessories.