DC Comics announces Free Comic Book Day 2017 titles


DC Comics announces their offerings and signing schedule for Free Comic Book Day 2017 on Saturday, May 6.

The first Saturday in May is the annual Free Comic Book Day event. Comic book shops across the country will open their doors to season comic book readers and those new to the medium with free comic books designed to appeal to everyone. DC Comics is one of the comic publishers participating in this year’s event and they have two titles that fans should be very excited about.

Wonder Woman will be the star of the DC Comics offerings, with Wonder Woman #1 FCBD 2017 Special Edition. This special run of Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman origin story is part of the larger Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Year One that chronicles Diana Prince’s background. The book is drawn by Nicola Scott, and it arrives as Greg Rucka prepares to leave the Wonder Woman Rebirth title at the end of the current story arc.

The other comic to be featured on FCBD is DC Superhero Girls #1 FCBD 2017 Special Edition, from the team of Shea Fontana and Yancey Labat. This book is great for kids and adults alike and it provides a look ahead at the upcoming Superhero Girls graphic novel.

Several DC Comics writers and artists will hold signing at shops all over the US, Canada and Europe. Check here for a list of locations.

It’s important to note that Free Comic Book Day is a way for new readers to explore the world of comics. Comic shops pay for the free books that they give away, so do them a solid and support them by making a purchase on Saturday.

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Check with your local comic shop to confirm what time their Free Comic Book Day festivities will begin. Keep in mind that some fans will arrive early so be prepared to wait in line, or be one of those fans to arrive early to ensure that you get what you’re looking for.