Gotham fans are still waiting for a season 4 renewal


Gotham is plowing along in the second half of season 3 without a season 4 renewal. What’s the reason for the renewal delay?

All signs have pointed to Gotham getting a season 4 pickup, but as we head toward mid-May, the announcement hasn’t been made and fans are left scratching their heads.

Gotham enjoyed steady ratings in the first half of its third season. Up until the midseason finale, the ratings weren’t stellar, but they weren’t falling either. Steady.

That was, of course, before the drama based on life in Gotham City before Batman went on hiatus for three months. Upon its return, the ratings haven’t gotten back to where they were during the winter three-part story arc. However, Gotham’s sister show Lucifer received a third season renewal back in February.

These long holiday breaks and hiatuses are doing nothing to help shows that are on the bubble, especially with shows that are building a major storyline like Gotham. The Court of Owls has been an ongoing arc in season 3, and characters have been developing into their future selves. We recently saw Edward Nygma become the Riddler, and young Bruce Wayne is making strides toward becoming the Dark Knight. With so much going on, it’s difficult to watch shows that go on holiday breaks in the fall, return for three episodes in late January, and then go on hiatus until late April. 

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Gotham has always been fun to watch, but the rise of the villains has been a lot of fun, especially with exciting female villains like Fish Mooney, Barbara Keane, Tabitha Galavan, and Ivy Pepper. Selina Kyle is about to move closer to the dark side in the second half of season 3, and showrunners have indicated that fans will see the future Harley Quinn before the season 3 finale.

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With all of that in mind, it would be great to have a fourth season lined up so that storylines can arc through the third season and into season 4 without having to worry about a possible cancellation.