Gotham is officially (finally) renewed for season 4


Gotham fans rejoice! Gotham has officially been picked up for a fourth season, and it’s time for the speculation to begin!

Television insiders said it was only a matter of time before Gotham was renewed. For some reason it took the executives at Fox forever to make the announcement even though all signs pointed to a renewal.

After three months of waiting, Gotham finally received word on Wednesday that there will be a season 4, which will make it easier to watch the back end of the third season knowing that storylines will have a chance to continue into next season.

Things have been heating up on Gotham with the arrival of Benedict Samuel’s Mad Hatter, as well as the long-awaited resurrection of Jerome Valeska, the man who will become Batman’s most lethal adversary. Fans are also looking forward to the debut of Alexander Siddig (Game of Thrones, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) as the immortal Ra’s Al Ghul.

Fans have also been looking forward to the introduction of one of the DC universe’s most beloved quasi-villains, Harley Quinn. Gotham showrunners have said that Harley Quinn will make her debut before the end of the show’s third season, leading many to wonder who she will be. Many people have wondered if Erin Richards’ Barbara Kean will become Harley Quinn, and in the May 8 episode “The Primal Riddle” she was even sporting a red and blue coat like her Suicide Squad counterpart Margot Robbie.

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With another season to look forward to, expect the second half of Gotham’s third season to deliver on the action now that we know it can carry forward into the fall.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm on Fox.