Secret Empire recap: Inhumans hate Hydra


Secret Warriors, the only Secret Empire book this week, sets up a team of scrappy Inhumans determined to take out SHIELD – what’s this mean for the Empire?

Secret Warriors #1

Cover by Tradd Moore and Matthew Wilson

What happened? During the Hydra takeover, Captain America sent Quake on a suicide mission. The only survivor from her team, she pulls Inhumans Moon Girl, Ms. Marvel, and Inferno to her side. The Secret Warriors rescue some captives from a Hydra prison camp, then move their crusade on.

Is it good? Apart from Ms. Marvel, these characters haven’t kept my interest in their own books. Writer Matthew Rosenberg moves the action sequences well, and I like his take on Quake as an angry survivor, but her teammates don’t develop much yet.

Recommendation: I’d wait. There will be many other books to cover the resistance to Hydra’s rule. If you love these characters already, this is a fine book. But I doubt it’s essential to the event yet.

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As this crossover gets under way, the structure takes more shape. The main book covers Steve Rogers leading Hydra to power. Some side books explore the heroes stranded in space or under the dome in Manhattan. Others will focus on the secretive Resistance groups. It’s likely readers will get a fine story out of the main book, the two Captain America titles, and a tie-in or two to represent each of the subsets of this story.