The Flash season 3, episode 22 synopsis: “Infantino Street”


In Season 3’s penultimate episode, Barry enlists the help of Captain Cold to save Iris.

Last week on The Flash‘s “Cause and Effect” episode, Barry had his memories erased in a bid to stop his future remnant self—Savitar—from killing Iris. But the team discovered that the cost was be too high.

After last week’s big stunner ending (okay, most of us saw it coming), Barry learned that in the future, he would create a remnant to battle Savitar. However, that remnant would soon become Savitar. Does your head hurt yet? As Cisco explained, it was a closed loop. It’s very much a “chicken or the egg” problem.

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Cisco soon comes up with an insane plan. Well, this is Team Flash we’re talking about, so “insane” is a kind of relative. Anyway, he creates a device that can stop Barry from making new memories. Because Savitar is rooted in Barry’s creation of a remnant, the remnant would be affected.

As always, things don’t go according to plan. Barry ends up losing all his memories—forgetting his friends and family. There is a silver lining though. Savitar is affected, and he too loses all his memories.

Killer Frost quickly visits Team Flash and proposes a temporary truce and partnership. She’ll help them “cure” Barry because she has a vested interest in Savitar regaining his memories. They develop a device which would “shock” Barry’s brain back, but it required a trigger memory.

Thanks to Iris, she recollects to him a pivotal moment in his life: the night of his mother’s murder. And with that, the Flash was back in action, stopping the latest threat to Central City—Heatmonger (or should we just call him a “Poor Man’s Heatwave”).

Back in HR Wells and Tracy Brand’s side of the world, they’ve created a Speed Force Bazooka. The catch is they now need an immense energy source to make it work. We’re quickly brought to ARGUS where we see a Dominator energy core being guarded by King Shark.

This week, Barry will enlist Captain Cold for his help in robbing ARGUS. It’ll definitely prove to be an action-packed, thrilling episode when the Scarlet Speedster ends up battling King Shark. Here’s the official synopsis from The CW:

“Infantino Street”

"THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS; WENTWORTH MILLER RETURNS AS CAPTAIN COLD – With only 24 hours left until Savitar murders Iris (Candice Patton), Barry (Grant Gustin) struggles to save the woman he loves and makes the choice to use any means necessary to do so. Realizing he has one option left to save her, The Flash turns to Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) for help."

And here’s the exciting promo:

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