Gotham: Selina Kyle is about to take a journey of self-discovery


The shocking moment at the end of the May 8 episode of Gotham has laid the foundation for the rise of Selina Kyle as Catwoman. Where does she go from here?

The more I reflect upon the May 8 episode of Gotham, “The Primal Riddle,” the more I wonder how Selina Kyle will be transformed by the incident that will no doubt change her life forever.

Selina already suspected something was different about the guy who showed up at her apartment. She knew Bruce was not himself, and when Clone Bruce explained who he was, there is every reason to suspect that she believed him. Selina is wise beyond her years and she has always been able to read Bruce Wayne like a book, and that’s a good thing because it’s important for Selina to know that it wasn’t Bruce Wayne who pushed her out the window.

The problem arises upon knowing that when Selina recovers, she will be reminded of this event every time she sees Bruce, and that’s not going to be a good thing. If there is any latent brain damage, she might start linking Bruce to Clone Bruce and that could spell trouble. Will she ever be able to see Bruce the same way again?

When Selina wakes up she’s going to be a different person. We know that she has good intentions, but she has always had her own moral code after years and years of living on the streets and seeing the worst that Gotham City has to offer. At some point Selina was always going to become a “criminal” because Catwoman is a known criminal despite being a sometimes friend to Batman. As Gotham heads into its fourth season, Selina is about to start moving toward the dark side.

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Fans can take some solace in knowing that Selina Kyle will never be 100% evil, but she’s about to go on a journey of self discovery that will change her forever.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm on Fox.