Arrow season 5, episode 22 synopsis: “Missing”


This week on Arrow, Black Siren returns to help Adrian Chase exact revenge on Team Arrow.

Last week on Arrow‘s “Honor They Fathers” episode, the team was back to chasing Adrian Chase. However, Adrian had another ace up his sleeve—a tape which showed Robert Queen killing someone. As Team Arrow tried to stem the fallout, Oliver Queen faced his most challenging moment being mayor.

At his office, Oliver received a mysterious crate which, against everyone’s suggestions, he opened. In it, he found a body encased in concrete. Results from forensics show that it was from a man who had been missing years ago. But the most startling thing was they found Robert’s DNA on it.

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Adrian soon has Sampson, the zombie who’s impervious to pain, steal chemicals that can weaponize tuberculosis. Adrian also sends another piece of taunting evidence to Oliver—video proof showing Robert pushing the victim into the concrete.

Oliver, with Felicity’s help, soon comes to terms with what Roberts misdeeds, knowing that it doesn’t eradicate all the good the the Green Arrow has done. The realization comes at the nick of time because the team discovers Sampson is currently after the final chemical needed for the weapon.

When they arrive at the plant, Oliver (now back to his Green Arrow) garb finds Adrian waiting for them. During a one-on-one fight, Oliver taunts Adrian by bringing up the fact that Claybourne (Adrian’s father) wanted to disown him. This knowledge causes Adrian to surrender with the intention that Oliver would kill him. But Oliver goes for a quick knock-out instead.

With Adrian now in an ARGUS prison, the team can take a breather again. However, this week, members of Team Arrow start to go missing. It seems Adrian has a contingency plan. Here’s the official synopsis from The CW:


"BLACK SIREN RETURNS – Black Siren (guest star Katie Cassidy) returns to help Chase (Josh Segarra). Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) organizes a birthday party for Oliver (Stephen Amell) while Lance (Paul Blackthorne) is furious after Rene (Rick Gonzalez) misses the custody hearing for his daughter."

And here’s the exciting promo:

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