Wonder Woman towers in new international poster (Photo)


Despite a controversial marketing campaign in the United States, Wonder Woman has been given an impressive poster in China.

In just a few weeks we will finally see Wonder Woman come to life on film like never before. That’s mostly because she’s never appeared in a major motion picture as a stand alone character. Gal Gadot appeared in a glorified cameo role in Batman V Superman but this is her proper introduction to the DC Cinematic Universe.

There has been significant controversy regarding the marketing of the female superhero, as the summer blockbuster is getting lackluster support when compared to her counterparts. Wonder Woman has an ice cream flavor, an eye liner campaign and appears on Dr. Pepper cans but it’s a far cry from the full court press that most superhero films get.

Controversy aside, the marketing for the film is indeed an international effort and the most recent example of that is a dope Chinese poster that puts Wonder Woman front, center and above all characters.

Check out the poster here, which features Diana Prince towering above the other characters in the film. It’s fitting, in so many ways, that Wonder Woman would be larger than life on this poster — because she is.

All signs point to Wonder Woman being a hit, even if critics don’t appreciate the film. This is the first time a female superhero has been given her own stand alone film in a major studio release, which right there is victory enough. Of course, the content of the film needs to e up to snuff as well, but the bar has already been set low in the DCEU thanks to the likes of BvS and Suicide Squad.

That will help take the sting away from any poor storytelling that happens in Wonder Woman, and should leave the narrative here on the fact that we finally have a female superhero film despite the fact that we still have a long way to go in making them equal.