Gotham season 3 episode 19 preview: ‘All Will Be Judged’


In tonight’s all-new Gotham, Gordon and Bullock deal with a relic while Penguin and Nygma have to find a way out of their predicament.

This week’s all-new Gotham, “All Will Be Judged,” sees Bullock and Gordon trying to decipher an invaluable relic while Penguin and Nygma have to decide whether escaping from the Court of Owls is more important than killing each other.

Gotham has been building up to the moment when we finally get to see the villiains we have come to know from Batman lore. Now that the Riddler has himself a new identity, he has to decide how Penguin fits into his plans to take over the city. Likewise, Penguin has had a taste of power and doesn’t want to let it go. He even has an army. However, both men are fully aware that Gotham City villains are only out to protect themselves, and so it’s every man for himself when it comes to taking control and maintaining control of power in Gotham City.

But the more pressing question is what will happen while the boys are away? Will Barbara and Tabitha try to take control of the city while the competition is tied up? Barbara is aware of how much power the Court of Owls wields, so it makes sense that she might try to rally the troops and take a stand while Penguin and Riddler are busy.

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There’s a lot at stake leading up to the season finale of Gotham, and power is up for grabs in the city. Who will come out victorious?

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm on Fox.