Her Cape comic review: Batgirl #11


Batgirl #11 provides the thrilling conclusion to the “Son of Penguin” story in which Penguin’s son wreaks havoc for Batgirl.

In this week’s Batgirl #11, Batgirl drops in Penguin’s office as Penguin’s son Ethan launches a flash mob for his father’s retirement party. The problem is that none of the people in the flash mob know what they’re doing because they’re under Ethan’s control, and he wants them to kill his father.

Batgirl rescues Penguin but he’s not willing to do anything to help her stop his son because there’s nothing in it for him. That, and he didn’t ask to be saved.

Batgirl #11, Photo: DC Comics

Ethan takes off in a race through the streets of Burnside, and he’s able to to use his suit’s powers to control everyone around him and force them to do his bidding, even when that means trying to capture Batgirl. Fortunately, though, Barbara knows that Ethan’s suit only works where there’s wi-fi, and she knows of one of the only places in Burnside that is a dead zone for cell service.

DC Comics Rebirth

Issue: Batgirl #11

Writer: Hope Larson

Pencils & Cover: Chris Wildgoose

Inks: Jon Lam

Colors:  Mat Lopes

The conclusion to the story includes a twist that readers might not see coming, and it sets up future adventures for Batgirl as she protects the people of Burnside.

Batgirl #11 is fast-paced and fun, and it allows Barbara to do what she does best: out-think the villain. It’s also a nice touch on the part of writer Hope Larson to have the only safe place be in the middle of a cell phone and wi-fi dead zone.

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Batgirl #11 is available in stores on May 24.