Wonder Woman: Find show times and buy tickets


If you’re looking to purchase ticket for Wonder Woman, we have everything you need to know about show times and how to buy tickets in advance.

Wonder Woman looks to be the biggest movie of the summer, and if you haven’t purchased tickets yet don’t worry — you can still find tickets available at a theater near you.

As with most major movies, there will be an opportunity to watch Wonder Woman on Thursday night ahead of the movie’s official release on Friday, June 2. Some theaters stick to the traditional midnight showings while others pack moviegoers into theaters starting at 7pm. Multiplexes with several theaters usually have showings every half hour to an hour leading up to midnight, making it easy to get tickets on Thursday.

For those moviegoers who don’t want to brave the crowds to see Wonder Woman on Thursday night, Friday is the movie’s actual opening day and there are plenty of tickets available. Keep in mind that the longer you wait to see the movie, the more you’ll be bombarded with spoilers. Staying away from social media, then, is a good idea.

To help find showtimes and buy tickets for arguably the most highly anticipated and hyped movie of the summer, and possibly the year, we suggest checking out Fandango.com.

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Wonder Woman is going to be one of the “It” movies of the summer. If you’re hoping to avoid spoilers, we highly suggest getting to theaters as close to the June 2 release as possible. And don’t forget that June 3 is Wonder Woman Day all around the world, so the best way to take part in the festivities is to have seen the movie beforehand.

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