Wonder Woman is the American James Bond we’ve been searching for


American movie goers have been searching for decades to find an American James Bond — turns out it’s going to be Wonder Woman.

Let me start this by saying I’m probably completely biased in my search for the American James Bond. Maybe that’s not actually a thing people look for, but it’s perhaps a metaphor for a movie character that is uniquely our own in the same way that James Bond is so proudly an English creation.

What is the American equivalent to that? Is it Indiana Jones — probably. Is it John Wick — maybe.

Despite how perfect Indy was (and might still be) to take up the American James Bond mantle, it instead appears Wonder Woman will do that instead. All of this assuming DC and Warner Bros don’t screw this whole thing up — which is so profoundly possible it’s scary.

There are a few reasons Wonder Woman is the perfect American mirror to James Bond as a franchise of her own. The most obvious of these reasons is that the film is expected to be the first absolute stud of the summer blockbuster season. It’s carrying a near 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, thus priming it to blow the doors off the box office this weekend.

Let’s also talk about the fact that Wonder Woman is ageless, meaning we can send her to any time period any time we want. World War I is explored in this first film, but there’s no saying we can have a Wonder Woman film set in ancient Egypt, the American Roaring 20s, the French Revolution. We have a very unique and awesome opportunity here to blend Indiana Jones with Doctor Who and present it through the lens of Wonder Woman and all her character represents.

If that doesn’t sound fascinating then you’re boring.

Perhaps above all, Wonder Woman is a character we can all invest in. No matter your gender, race or creed, Wonder Woman represents the best in all of us and is a throwback to the original values instilled in all of us to be decent human beings. Whether we lost that conviction along the way is a different story, but Wonder Woman is that bright shining core at the center of all things good. If you want to beat the drums of patriotism, Wonder Woman was created by a couple of guys from Massachusetts, something that is so old school American is almost hurts.

She’s a role model — something that can’t really be said for Bond — and her adventures are absolutely limitless. Indiana Jones can explore everything from the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant to an Alien skull; Wonder Woman can just have a film set on a different planet in a different universe and it fits right in. Indy forced in an Alien story for no real good reason; Wonder Woman can literally rule a Kingdom of Crystal Skulls and no one would miss a beat.

There’s endless potential with Wonder Woman, who is an American James Bond we all need to get behind.