Wonder Woman shatters the box office, sets records


Wonder Woman surpassed box office expectations, shattering records for female directors with its earnings and “A” rating from CinemaScore.

Wonder Woman is setting the bar for female superheroes with a massive opening take at the box office amid overwhelmingly positive reviews. The film earned an A from CinemaScore and is sitting on a 94% Fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Not only is the movie living up to the hype, but Wonder Woman is surpassing it. The movie is currently tracking toward the $100 million mark at the weekend box office. Wonder Woman is currently sitting at $97.1M.

Previously, the highest grossing box office opening record for a female director was Sam Taylor-Johnson, whose Fifty Shades of Grey hit $85.1M during its first weekend. Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins already has that record in the bag, and the hope is that she is the first of many more female directors helming big budget superhero movies.

Wonder Woman saw a high number of women turning out to see the film, with 37% of the tickets going to women over 25. This trend is very positive news for the studios, who have been waiting to see how well the film was received. Wonder Woman is the first female-led superhero film to charge into the box office, with Captain Marvel, Gotham Sirens, and Batgirl waiting in the wings.

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We won’t have to wait long to see Wonder Woman in action again. (Thank goodness!) She will appear in the Warner Bros’ November 2017 release Justice League.