Her Cape Guide to SDCC: #99 – Badges are in the mail!


SDCC 2016, Photo by Sarabeth Pollock

San Diego Comic Con badges have started to ship out to registered attendees, and this year they’ve upped their package game with, well, a package.

If you were one of the lucky 120,000 people to secure a badge for pop culture juggernaut San Diego Comic Con, your badge will be shipping soon. They’re being mailed in waves, so some people have already received them while others are still waiting. International attendees will not receive their badges in the mail and will still need to pick up badges onsite at the San Diego Convention Center.

2016 was the first year Comic Con International mailed badges, and they arrived in the nondescript white enveloped CCI had promised. They were so nondescript that I have heard stories of people who tossed them, thinking they were junk mail. This year, the 2017 SDCC badges are arriving in style, in packages that resemble monthly subscription boxes. It’s a nice touch considering how many people stared at a little blue circle for what seemed like hours in order to get a badge.

From reports on social media, the SDCC packages contain the badge and a collectible SDCC pin. (I’ll confirm this when my box arrives.) Attendees will receive their lanyards and bags onsite as they did last year, which serves as a security checkpoint to ensure that people coming in have legitimate badges in hand.

With badges on the way, keep in mind that these badges contain an RFID chip that is unique to each attendee’s profile, so banish any thoughts of putting these badges on eBay because you will be caught. If you weren’t able to get into SDCC, don’t try to purchase a badge online. 99% of those badges are counterfeit, and the moment you cross through an RFID scanner you will be caught. And while you weren’t the one to make the fake badge, you’re the one out lots of money.

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If you didn’t get into SDCC this year, you can start planning for 2018.

With badges on the way, SDCC truly is around the corner. Keep checking back for more SDCC tips!